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Union Objectives

Organization of women's potential and coordinate their efforts within the framework of organized collective action in order to remove social, legal and cultural barriers to its development and prevent the full and effective participation in community building. Deepening of national consciousness and national in women in the country and raise the level of cultural, political and development expertise to enable them to contribute fully and effectively in the political, cultural, economic and social development to achieve progress and development work to provide social services and economic conditions necessary to provide reassurance to women with regard to its role as a housewife and a member of a working product in the community and the removal of constraints to development.

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 The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee agency official site


The news baladna magazine

Sana syrian official media agency
Sana syrian official media agency

Woman Project

Dr. Magda Kotaite

 Born in Damascus

She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus in 1984.

Sisters won the confidence of the membership of the Council of the General Federation of Women's Council and the confidence to head the Organization for the period from the ninth electoral 2009-2013.